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Tito Dinapoli: -end scene- Apr 21, 2015 13:59:24 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: He chuckled softly, kissed her on the forehead and said one word before leaving. "Family." and left to go find his wife. Apr 20, 2015 22:45:05 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: around." Apr 20, 2015 22:41:06 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: She could accept that as it sounded very much like him. "I like that better at least" she agreed. She sighed, "I'm not sure exactly what to call our relationship, but I really can't imagine this house without you" she admitted. "So do your best to stay Apr 20, 2015 22:41:05 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: He shook his head, then he relented slightly. "It's better you don't, but there's not just one. A myriad of options remain open. Take heart in that as you make your own plans." Apr 20, 2015 22:37:41 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: "Of course you have" she agreed. "Draco Malfoy always has a plan, even down to the bloody last second." She was obviously unhappy with the situation. "I don't get to know the plan do I?" Apr 20, 2015 22:25:38 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: "I don't plan on not being here, but if it comes down to it, I have already decided on the best way." He shrugged. Hopefully he would find a way to protect his wife and daughter better as well. Apr 20, 2015 22:23:56 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: "I'd prefer you live long enough to see them you know" she added, not one to let things lay. "Its weird to think of having this life, of being Mrs. Malfoy and you not around to gloat over it." Apr 20, 2015 22:21:41 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: 'Something I think more appropriate for you to be thinking about anyway." He smiled. Apr 20, 2015 22:19:21 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: He spoke, and she did understand in part. They shared an intense love of his son, though in different ways. "That will be something" she said softly. "A bunch of little Malfoys running around half me." Apr 20, 2015 22:08:56 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: "When having a son taught me he was me in more ways then one. What you see as Lion traits, I see as survival and preservation of all that matters. Maybe you need to have children to understand the urge." Apr 20, 2015 22:05:25 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: She listened, and went quiet, though she didn't look very happy about it. "Fine" she mumbled, looking every inch the petulant teenager. "When did you become such a Gryffindor, Draco?" Apr 20, 2015 22:02:00 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: "You are helping. You are saving my son which is more then I could ever have hoped and all that I desire. If my life has to go, it goes, but my family must be safe. I will not let you involve yourself in the rest at risk of that. Obey me in this." Apr 20, 2015 21:58:31 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: "I am a near-twenty-year old trapped in a sixteen year old body" she corrected. "Who is very concerned for someone I've come to care about immensely despite a very odd set of circumstances. I could help, I could do /something./" Apr 20, 2015 21:55:27 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: His eyes narrowed. "It's not for you to worry about, remember. You are a child not involved in politics that is your image and one you are supposed to covet. As to how I appear, you would not like to see the other side. It's not pretty." Apr 20, 2015 21:50:13 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: She felt, for the first time in a long time, the first vestiges of fear. Stupid bloody politics. "Just for once could you not be all perfectly calm in the face of extreme danger. It makes it hard to know just how worried I should be." Apr 20, 2015 21:45:15 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: There was a few minutes of silence. "I do not know the extent of what they can manage. I did not, clearly, respond to it's call." Apr 20, 2015 21:43:35 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: She dropped her own arm, listened, and noticed he didn't answer her question. "Draco" she tried again, "are you going to be okay? Whoever it is, they can't like, track you or something can they?" Apr 20, 2015 21:38:18 GMT -7
Scorpius Malfoy: Draco: he shrugged, then pulled his arm back and dropped the sleeve back into place. "It is a spell. Someone figured it out. It doesn't have his power nor does it seem to work the same, but they managed something." Apr 20, 2015 21:34:36 GMT -7
Xenia Shafiq: She stared at it for a moment, taking his arm and turning it so she could see better. "How could anyone do that who wasn't....Him?" She looked genuinely concerned now. "You're going to be okay right?" Apr 20, 2015 21:32:59 GMT -7
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